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Sascha Thieltges
Guitarist & Guitar Teacher


Sascha Thieltges EP "Gratitude"

Sascha Thieltges - guitars, bass & keyboards
Daniel Thieltges - drums
All Songs written and produced by Sascha Thieltges,
mixed & mastered by Daniel Thieltges

Review from german Rock Hard Magazine, issue 426, 11/23/2022
Sascha Thieltges pays homage to guitar gods like Gary Moore and Joe Satriani on his EP "Gratitude".
With a first-class creamy guitar tone, especially the former can be found again and again in the interesting instrumental pieces.
In the songs you can definitely discover set pieces of Moore's "The Loner" (in "Lay Down Your Weapons") or very obviously "Parisienne Walkways" (in "Pray For Peace"). At the same time, the artist convinces playfully and also offers a slightly different feeling in the title track, emulating rather Satriani.
Friends of the aforementioned guitarists and very good guitar sounds can access here without hesitation.
Unfortunately, the EP is very short with just under 17 minutes.
Autor: Thorsten Seiffert

Sascha Thieltges Album "Heart Of Steel".

Sascha Thieltges - all guitars & bass
Daniel Thieltges - drums
Vladan Mijatovic - piano & keys (For You | Heart Of Steel | Rest In Peace)

Review from german Rock Hard Magazine, issue 372 04/25/.2018
Guitarist Sascha Thieltges has already made it to the studio as a session man with Thomas Anders, but is now also fulfilling his dream of a solo album. For a DIY production, his performance deserves respect in every sense, because the disc sounds excellent and offers more than just flawless craftsmanship, as one would expect from a "educated" musician.
The youngster covers a wide range from bluesy songwriter stuff to instrumental pieces with a knack for melodies, some of which Joe Satriani couldn't have shaken out of his fingers more beautifully.
It is about time that the man from Koblenz puts himself in the service of a real band.
Autor: Andreas Schiffmann

Review from german Gitarre & Bass Magazine, issue 11/2017
"Heart Of Steel" celebrates the era of virtuosos who once again raised rock guitar to a new level from the mid-80s. In a very similar way, the guitar player from Koblenz, Germany, combines muted heavy riffs with catchy melody parts and virtuoso solos in his instrumentals.
Sascha really rocks out on his debut with a thick HiGain sound, such as in "Tree Of Life". You will hear impressive tapping interludes in this song. The driving "8 Teeth" breathes the spirit of Van Halen; in the solo, however, the notes are decorated with WahWah, reminiscent of Satriani. Appropriately, a short Joe lick slips out of Sascha's fingers. In general, the New York guitarist has made a lasting impression, as "Satchurated" shows, ultimately a successful homage. [ on Sascha's biography...]


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